Parco dei Ciliegi traditional Emilian cooking
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Although it is true that Italian and particularly Emilian cuisine are among the first in the world, the cuisine of Parco dei Ciliegi under the careful leadersship of the Chef Pancaldi, with a rich and varied menu, satisfies the most demanding palates with an exceptional quality in products and preparation of courses. The restaurant is deeply linked to the Emilian tradition where tigelle with crescentines accompanied by mortadella and various salami, tagliatelle and tortellini with ragù, of course Bolognese and grilled meat excel. The cellar, worthy of note, allows to combine wine, even vintage, with our food, starting from Lambrusco.

When a passion joins more people, you can create something fantastic. Parco dei Ciliegi is the result of the determination of the partners Giuseppe, Nicola and Roberto, always in search of the best culinary experience, where good food comes from the search of fresh and healthy ingredients, cooked in a traditional and authentic way, enhancing handmade pasta and ingredients of local territory. Sitting at the table should be a pleasure and that’s why, in addition to the kitchen, the restaurant is valued with a park, large well-kept spaces, a play area for children and much more.

“Cooking it’s like a love story. You have to fall in love with the products and then with the people who cook them.” This is the first comment from the restaurant’s Chef Nicola. “Cooking was always my passion and I do it every day”